Picture framing




We frame all types of artwork, originals and copies. If needed, we can create a stretcher, stretch the canvas (or glue it on a board), and cover it with varnish. If a piece requires professional restoration, we will refer you to the best professionals in the trade. We offer several hundred designs of moldings and frames, as well as special elements like liners and slips, which, together with an array of mats, allow for hundreds of unique framing solutions. 




We often use aluminum frames and a selection of wooden moldings to frame photographs. We carry professional-grade cardboard and backings appropriate for fotosensitive paper. We guarantee noninvasive framing solutions. 




We offer custom framing services for fabrics and embroidery pieces. Our materials and technologies are completely noninvasive and leave the framed piece unaffected. The frame can be disassembled at any time without any harm to the piece. 

Posters and reproductions



We carry a wide range of posters and reproductions from Europe’s leading publishers. Paired with an appropriate frame and mat, such pieces are excellent interior accessories. We will assist you in selecting the best posters and frames for your home or and office. To purchase posters, please visit our Frame Store. - tu link to adresu sklepu. 


Memorabilia and gadgets



We frame family memorabilia, wedding bouquets, sports trophies, prizes, and other gadgets. Placed in frames or display cases, these memorabilia will take you back the happy moments each day.  





We frame canvas, paper, and foil prints. We can stretch the print or glue it onto a board and we will suggest the best framing solution. The finished product will be an exceptional addition to your interior. To select from our own wide range of prints, please visit our Frame Store.




We frame diplomas, certificates, and documents. We will help you enhance the appearance of your diploma by selecting stylistically appropriate frame and mat. Our frame will also help protect the document against environmental damage for many years to come. 


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